Jun 4, 2023


Ian Biddle
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Drivers are being warned of a potential rise in the number of Collison's set to affect roads in the

coming summer months arising from tractors and other agricultural vehicles with the next few months

seeing higher volumes of tractors pulling silage and grain trailers, as well as combine harvesters.

Generally, May to September is the busiest time for farmers harvesting hay and arable crops, with

more tractors and vehicles towing trailers on the road. As temperatures rise, data shows that

collisions between these agricultural vehicles and third parties are 52 percent more likely in these

months and the police are warning farmers, motorists and other road users to respect rural roads,

helping everyone avoid unnecessary danger.

Following the pandemic, many people fell in love with the British countryside again, with staycations

becoming increasingly popular and this can be massively beneficial for smaller towns and villages, it

can cause issues with traffic, especially during harvest season.