Apr 17, 2023

Police Checking Eyesight

Ian Biddle
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Police Checking Eyesight

Police forces will be conducting voluntary roadside checks over the coming weeks as part of a nationwide initiative to remind motorists they have a legal responsibility to ensure their vision is roadworthy every time they get behind the wheel. The campaign is being led by the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC), with the support of a whole host of stakeholders, including the Driving for Better Business (DfBB) campaign.

Research shows that 90% of information needed to drive is visual, demonstrating the importance of keeping eyes and vision healthy. Drivers are being reminded that regular sight tests, every two years unless advised otherwise by an optometrist, will help stop their eyesight becoming a road safety hazard. If someone is found to be driving with vision that falls below the minimum standards, they could face up to a £1,000 fine, three points on their licence and potential disqualification. Drivers who fail a roadside number plate test can also have their driving licence revoked on the spot if a police officer deems them unsafe to be on the road.

Taken from Traffic Road Safety