Who are SAMM?

SAMM is a group of drivers and riders in Shropshire, UK, affiliated with IAM RoadSmart, focused on improving road safety through advanced driving and riding techniques. We offer courses, assessments, and social events, and are run entirely by volunteers passionate about promoting safer driving and riding.


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Average first time test performance  2019 – 2022

The Benefits of becoming a Member

There are many benefits to taking advanced training with SAMM, here are just a few.


Safety & Perception

Advanced riders/drivers have a deeper understanding of safe riding and driving techniques, including defensive riding/driving and enhanced hazard perception, helping to reduce the risk of road accidents and improve rider/driver and passenger safety.


Machine Control

Advanced riders/drivers demonstrate a greater level of control over their vehicle, which allows them to perform more complex manoeuvres and navigate challenging conditions with greater ease.


Confidence & Enjoyment

As riders /drivers become more skilled and knowledgeable, they tend to feel more confident on the road. This lead’s to a more enjoyable and less stressful riding/driving experience.


Insurance Savings

Many insurance companies offer discounted rates to advanced motorists, as they are considered to be of a lower-risk. This can lead to significant savings on insurance premiums.

How to become a member of IAM Road Smart

To become a member of IAM RoadSmart, visit this link and sign up for a course. To pass the Advanced test, you'll need to demonstrate advanced driving or riding skills, including a high level of vehicle control, anticipation, and hazard awareness. You'll also need to follow the rules of the road and show good judgement in different driving situations.

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A group of SAMM/IAM members in biker jackets and high-vis

Meet Our Committee members

Run by car and bike members alike, all driven by the same passion and commitment to our members, continually striving for our own improvement.

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Our group is managed by the following volunteer committee, elected annually by the group members

Dave Duggan

Social Secretary

To Be Created

Dave Johnson


To be created

Dave Lowe

Chairman - Associate co-ordinator

My role in SAMM is Chairman and enjoy helping the team achieve our aims and looking for ways of taking SAMM on a journey of self improvement. I am an active Blood Biker with Shropshire Staffordshire and Cheshire Blood Bikes - coming close to 300 shifts covered. In addition to being an avid motorcyclist I enjoy riding my trike and attend rallies with Oddballs MCC in UK and Europe. email : chair@advancedmotorists.org

Daz Coombs

Training Coordinator

Having been with IAM RoadSmart for 27+ years, and qualified previously as a Defence Driving Instructor in the MOD, I take pride in promoting road safety and advanced riding/driving at all levels and in assisting those that wish to develop their own riding/skill levels in my capacity as a National Observer and Group Training Coordinator.

Ian Biddle

ICT Support

Since passing my advanced test. I have owned a few bikes, Some better than others. A couple of Chinese's unknowns when I first passed, followed by a Honda Deauville, BMW 1200RT, Honda VFR1200X Crosstourerand another Deauville. My current favourite is the Royal Enfield Himalayan 411, I try to use this one off road, but I have yet to keep it upright long enough to class myself as any good. email : ictsupport@advancedmotorists.org

Ian Rutherford

Chief Observer (Cars)

I first started driving and riding in 1979, regretfully the bike had to go but 10 years ago I regained the love of motorcycles. I then undertook the Advanced Motorcycle course subsequently qualifying as a National Motorcycle Observer and a National Car Observer, I then became the Chief Car Observer. email : chiefcars@advancedmotorists.org

Mike Jones

Diversity and disability champion

I have lived in Shrewsbury for many years now with my wife. I loved my time on motorbikes but alas medical issues meant I had to switch from 2 wheels to 3. After gaining my Advanced Rider (on 3 wheels), I then followed that with the Advanced Driver and progressing to Observer all with SAMM. Both vehicles were adapted for disabled.

Paul Collyer

Chief Observer (Bikes) & Group Secretary

My first experience of riding a motorcycle was at the age of 7 years old, (my Dad was a motorcycle dealer) and have always had a bike since. I was in my forties before I discovered IAM RoadSmart, but quickly became an Observer and latterly a Masters Mentor. I am also a Blood Biker and live in Telford with my wife, Lee. email : chiefbikes@advancedmotorists.org

Paul Warren


I’m a self-confessed petrol head - riding since 1974 & driving since 1975. Currently riding a BMW GSA 1250, which I love to use for touring & Observing. I also have a passion for restoring & driving MGB’s & MGTF’s with several in the garage. My current project is rebuilding a 1975 MGBGT Jubilee Special. After becoming an Advanced Rider in 2012, I became a National Observer & Team Leader, taking on the role of Treasurer and Vice Chair last year. email : treasurer@advancedmotorists.org

Phil Ryan

Young Driver and Rider Liason

I've always been keen on driving, and now drive lorries and coaches too. I became a National Observer in 2013, later going on to gain my Masters qualification. I enjoy helping others improve their skills and confidence. Other hobbies include playing snooker, golf (badly!) and cooking. email : youngdrivers@advancedmotorists.org

Sally Warren

Membership Sec & Newsletter Editor

Joined after passing full bike test 11 years ago to increase my confidence & skills. Became an Observer & Committee members subsequently email : membership@advancedmotorists.org

Symon Knight

Deputy Chief Observer (Bikes)

Having moved back to Shropshire after 30 years away I wanted to enjoy the roads here and in Wales with more confidence. I completed my Advanced Rider Course in 2017 and went on to do the Drivers’ Course a year later. Wanting to give more back from my experiences, I’ve been a bike Observer for 5 years and now have the privilege of being the Deputy Chief Observer Bikes in one of the best IAM RoadSmart groups out there

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We are a vibrant community holding regular events throughout the year

SAMM membership does not stop with passing your advanced test.  A monthly membership newsletter details regular social events with like-minded people,  and you are actively encouraged to join in.

Discover Our Events

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At IAM Road Smart, we make better drivers & riders

Our courses help develop skills and knowledge beyond the standard driving or riding test, with a focus on safety, hazard perception and awareness, improving road safety by empowering members with the confidence to make better decisions on the road.

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