Being an advanced rider/driver is a skill to nurture for life, not just a one off! SAMM membership entitles you to keep your knowledge refreshed by way of our annual Members Diploma scheme, a FREE annual assessment CPD scheme to prevent skill-fade.


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The IAM RoadSmart Free Taster scheme allows drivers and riders to experience an advanced driving or riding session with a qualified observer for free, to learn about IAM RoadSmart's approach to road safety and training. Benefits include an assessment of skills, tips for improving driving or riding, and a full written report for you to keep.


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If you would like to learn more about what we do, how we work and whether advanced driving/riding might be something for you, then why not either drop us a line or give us a call for a no-obligation chat, there is never any pressure.

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Why not take us at our word and give our Advanced Training a FREE Test drive/Ride with a qualified observer. The session will last for around 60 minutes and will include a brief/debrief, a written report and valuable tips and advice. Just email us and we will be in touch.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our FAQs to see how we can help

What is advanced driving and riding, and why is it important?

Advanced driving and riding refers to a higher level of skill and knowledge that goes beyond what is required to pass a standard driving or riding test. This includes techniques for anticipating and responding to potential hazards, managing risk, and improving awareness and control. Advanced driving and riding is important because it can help to reduce the risk of accidents, improve safety on the roads, and make driving or riding more enjoyable and rewarding.

How does IAM RoadSmart's training differ from a standard driving or riding test?

IAM RoadSmart's training is based on the principle of "continuous professional development", which means that it is designed to help drivers and riders continually improve their skills and knowledge over time. IAM RoadSmart's training goes beyond the basic requirements of a standard driving or riding test, with a focus on hazard perception, risk management, and advanced techniques for control and awareness.

What are the benefits of advanced driving or riding training?

The benefits of advanced driving or riding training include increased safety on the roads, improved confidence and control behind the wheel or handlebars, reduced stress and anxiety while driving or riding, and potential cost savings on car or motorcycle insurance. Additionally, advanced driving or riding training can be enjoyable and rewarding, providing a sense of achievement and personal development.

What types of advanced driving or riding courses does IAM RoadSmart offer?

IAM RoadSmart offers a range of advanced driving and riding courses, including the Advanced Driver Course, the Advanced Rider Course, and the Professional Driving and Riding Course. These courses are designed to suit different levels of experience and skill and can be tailored to meet specific needs and goals.

How does IAM RoadSmart's coaching and assessment process work?

IAM RoadSmart's coaching and assessment process involves one-to-one sessions with an experienced Observer Mentor, who provides personalised feedback and guidance on how to improve driving or riding skills. The process includes an initial assessment of skills and knowledge, followed by coaching sessions and a final assessment to measure progress and achievement.

How do I know if I'm ready for advanced driving or riding training?

If you have already passed your standard driving or riding test and feel comfortable and confident on the roads, you may be ready for advanced training. However, it's important to recognize that advanced driving or riding requires a higher level of skill and knowledge and may take time and practice to achieve. SAMM can provide guidance and support to help you determine if advanced training is right for you.

Can I still take advanced driving or riding courses if I have a disability or medical condition?

Yes, SAMM/IAM RoadSmart can provide specialised training and support for drivers and riders with disabilities or medical conditions. The organisation works closely with medical professionals to ensure that training is tailored to individual needs and abilities.

How can SAMM/IAM RoadSmart help me save money on my car or motorcycle insurance?

Many car and motorcycle insurance providers offer discounts for drivers and riders who have completed advanced training with IAM RoadSmart. These discounts can help to offset the cost of training and provide ongoing cost savings on insurance premiums.

What is the IAM RoadSmart Masters qualification, and how can I achieve it?

The IAM RoadSmart Masters qualification is the highest level of advanced driving or riding achievement available to civilian drivers and riders. To achieve the Masters qualification, drivers or riders must pass an advanced test that includes a range of challenging road scenarios and techniques on unfamiliar roads. The qualification demonstrates a high level of skill and knowledge, and is recognised by many employers and insurance providers.

How does IAM RoadSmart contribute to road safety in the UK?

IAM RoadSmart works to promote road safety in the UK through a range of initiatives, including education and awareness campaigns, advocacy and lobbying efforts, and partnerships with other organisations.

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