Mar 4, 2024

Beware Spaceships

Ian Biddle
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Beware Spaceships?

This road sign has started appearing around the country. I even spotted one just outside Telford, and it left me just a little confused.

Upon closer examination and a little research, it became evident that the peculiar road sign was not merely an enigma but served a practical purpose. Contrary to initial speculation—some even jesting about an impending alien invasion—the rectangular sign features a satellite hovering above a heavy vehicle or lorry against a blue backdrop. The diagonal line through the middle, typically a warning symbol, caught the attention of drivers. However, this sign does not herald extraterrestrial visitors; rather, it conveys a crucial message to HGV drivers: “Do not follow your sat nav down narrow country lanes.”

These rural byways, often winding, tight, and steep, are ill-suited for hefty lorries to navigate. The sign aims to prevent drivers from inadvertently venturing into precarious territory, ensuring they avoid getting stuck on these challenging roads. Also warning not to trust your Satnav.

So, next time you encounter this unusual sign, remember: it’s not about aliens—it’s about steering clear of tight lanes!

This sign has been around for a few years now, but its still quite rare to see.