Jul 3, 2023


Ian Biddle
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The latest figures from the DVLA and the Department for Transport show that there are now

41,570,822 people with a full UK driving licence, up by almost half a million compared to last year.

At the same time, the number of motorists over the age of 70 has also shot up, with more than

212,000 people over 70 having a full licence. This takes the total number of elderly drivers to 5.96

million - a huge increase of almost two million drivers compared to 2012.

Every older age group has seen a substantial increase, with nearly 100,000 extra drivers aged 80 and

older - taking the total to 1.65 million.

In the last 12 months, there has also been a rise in the number of drivers over 100 years old. Just 11

years ago, there were only 162 motorists with a valid driving licence, whereas now there are a

staggering 510 centenarians still capable of being on the road.

Petrol and diesel drivers in a major UK city are at risk of being charged every time they drive their

car under new measures set to be introduced this week.


The Department of Transport has published its provisional casualty figures for Great Britain with the

final and confirmed numbers coming at the end of September which undoubtably will have a few


What we know so far from these PROVISIONAL figures is that in 2022

1695 people were killed

28,100 were seriously injured

106,207 were slightly injured

This gives a total for all severities of 136,002

In terms of comparison we still look to 2019 (2020 and 2021 being affected by the pandemic) which

shows therefore that overall there has been a 11% reduction.

Just a few other facts to date:

• 75% of fatalities and 62% of all severities were Male

• 3% of fatalities and 10% of casualties were aged 16 years and under

• 25% of Fatalities and 29% of casualties were aged 19 to 29 years

• 23% of fatalities and 7% of casulaties were aged 70 and over

• 54 fatalities occurred to people in the age range 0 to 16

In terms of road users types

• 781 Vehicle occupants killed 6% increase from 2019

• 354 Motorcyclists killed 5% increase from 2019

• 85 Pedal cyclists 15% decrease from 2019

• 376 Pedestrians 20% decrease from 2019

Taken from Traffic Safety Roads